The Dragons of Inaction

The Ideology Dragons

Ideologies are broad, umbrella-like sets of beliefs. Depending on what they are, they may shelter anti-climate beliefs and actions. Four types exist:

  1. Worldviews: For example, strong belief in free-enterprise capitalism tends to include the belief that the natural world is free to exploit as much as one desires or is able.
  2. Suprahuman powers: Some people believe that an omnipotent deity will cause or solve environmental problems. Others believe that Mother Nature is in charge. In both cases, the believer does not feel responsible for the climate or the environment.
  3. Technosalvation: This is the belief that technology, such as geoengineering, can, by itself, reverse the effects of climate change. Although this field may have some promise, overconfidence in it can lead to inaction.
  4. System justification: People whose lifestyle is comfortable but climate-negative often would not like to lose that comfort. One way they justify keeping their lifestyle intact is by believing that “this is the way it was meant to be.”

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